Tuesday 27 September 2011

28th September '11

I'm without internet at home for at least the next week, if not longer. So I'm taking the time in the evenings to appreciate the finer things in life, such as being productive and not hitting refresh to see if something new has happened on the internet...
At least that's what I tell myself.

I still occassionally think I see a flashing window out of the corner of my eye.

This image was started at the end of last year as an idea, then the sketch was 90% done in January and I've only just gotten around to inking it. Hopefully between ink and colour wont be quite so long a gap.

Thursday 22 September 2011

22nd September '11

Generally I spend the weekends at my partner's house, so my 'weekday room' has sort of turned into my sleep-in studio. By that I mean it's a mess.
I have an assortment of markers, inks, paints, pens, paintbrushes, artbooks, sketchbooks and paper across my desk floor and stacked untidily in boxes... and that's before you get me started on the unfolded pile of clothes (they're all clean though).

It's a special kind of organisation that I don't think everyone quite understands, but if I know where something is I'm generally happier than having everything tidied away where I'll forget where I put it.
Luckily I'm out at work for a big part of the day so I don't have to look at it anyway.

Image today is a work in progress watercolour ink and alcohol-based ink on watercolour paper

Tuesday 20 September 2011

20th September '11

Today I re-found my love of paint (the actual medium not the Microsoft software).
I have a stack of canvases and limited experience with painting, thus a lack of confidence in painting straight onto the canvas.
After sketching the design onto the first canvas with graphite pencil, which then proceeded to get muddied up in first layer of paint I was... somewhat unimpressed with my skills.
This evening I tried drawing the design for the second canvas on with a pale coloured marker. Worked a charm! Managed to block out all the colour and work in some detail in about an hour.

I love the way you can mix colours as you go, so you very easily get lots of subtle shades in with out spending ages colour matching. I have to remember to mix enough paint when filling in blocks though, so I don't end up getting half way through a section and running out and not quite being able to reproduce the same shade.

The above sketch in fact has nothing to do with my painting endeavors and is just something I've recently added to the increasing pile of sketches :S

Wednesday 7 September 2011

7th September '11

The days are shorter, colder and wetter. British Summertime is coming to an end.
I also found some pencil drawings today that I'd forgotten I had... I think I should try finishing something once in a while... but I get distracted by other work or a new idea.
I've also run out of paper... Luckily I love paper shopping.