Thursday 20 May 2010

20th May '10

It wouldn't be completely stupid to think that after a day of rigging and skinning I might want to not do that once I got home from work.
But no not entirely. Finally dragging some old rig stuff into Maya to try and work on getti8ng an animation showreel together, since most of the work I do is technical based and most of the actual hand animating I've done over the past year is pretty much can't show work :S
So let's see if I can just do some animating for fun.

Yeah there are way too many bones in this to be a good game rig XD Although if you ignore the hair it's not so bad. But why worry about bone count when for once I don't have to.
Would also like to replace spine with better control and solving.
Some joint positions not quite correct.
Hopefully develope some mel tools for streamlining the process