Monday 31 October 2011

31st October '11

Fay Hancocks and myself selling our wares at London MCM Expo - Comic Con this past weekend. We had great fun!
The whole event was even bigger than before, so I don't think I really got to see as much as I could have. But we got to see a lot of great costumes and meet some cool people.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

19th October '11

Between the lack of home internet and preparing for the London Expo/ Comic Con, I've not had much to upload.

So here's a work in progress of some colours. The process for it seems to have been - pick a bit, start to colour it, get distracted and start colouring a different bit - so the overall look at the moment is a bit blotchy.

Monday 3 October 2011

4th October '11

My home internet is down, most likely, until the end of next week. I'm not getting any weird side-effects from not being connected to the internet all the time, but it is rather annoying as it happens to be the busiest month for me needing to send files to people and update things using the internet.
Oh well, I'll have to live without and try and organise things so I can carry on without.

Here's a sketch just about ready to go to the inking stage. I love keeping regular scans of work as it's nice to flick through and see how its evolved and where it's suddenly gotten better, or worse, and you have a record of the process.