Tuesday 23 November 2010

23rd November '10

I had that type of art block this evening where you know what you want to draw, but you can't put it down on paper. Also I think I'm scared of inking my current large piece in case I suddenly realise I need to change something as soon as the ink hits the paper (usually the way). But I guess I'll have to take the plunge sooner or later.
I'm thinking of maybe learning to paint... or relearning, or trying to learn more. I'm not sure though. New things are scary. but good scary.

I did spend this evening scribbling in a new sketchbook (since I managed to tip water on my last one and warp all the pages I'm smart me :))

So anyways, here's something I started a while back and haven't gotten round to completing yet... just something to play with watercolours/waterbased inks more.

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