Thursday 1 October 2009

1st October 09

So today I was attempting to actually build a stretchy IK rig, since all my rigs are either lost or out of date. However, I'm not the world's best 3D modeller, in fact I'm not that great at all. So off I go to the internet, as you do, to find a decent model to practice on. But... well... have you ever tried looking for something only you've obviously not input the correct search phrase, or else everything you find is not what you're looking for.
Short of it being that I decide it's faster to actually mock something up myself. So what with me and a bunch of vertices all having fun, I got somewhat distracted in the middle.

Hope you enjoy my procrastination of things I do for fun.
On the upside I did find some nifty MEL tools, which I have yet to try out tho.
Also if anyone is a 3D modeller and has some stuff they don't mind me playing with, feel free to throw it my way :)

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