Thursday, 22 September 2011

22nd September '11

Generally I spend the weekends at my partner's house, so my 'weekday room' has sort of turned into my sleep-in studio. By that I mean it's a mess.
I have an assortment of markers, inks, paints, pens, paintbrushes, artbooks, sketchbooks and paper across my desk floor and stacked untidily in boxes... and that's before you get me started on the unfolded pile of clothes (they're all clean though).

It's a special kind of organisation that I don't think everyone quite understands, but if I know where something is I'm generally happier than having everything tidied away where I'll forget where I put it.
Luckily I'm out at work for a big part of the day so I don't have to look at it anyway.

Image today is a work in progress watercolour ink and alcohol-based ink on watercolour paper

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